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Steve Underriter

Steve Underriter


The mission of Freedom Financial Planning Solutions (FFPS) is to provide financial advice and coaching to military families who have transitioned or will be transitioning to civilian life. I will help you navigate the many financial decisions you will face. As president of FFPS, this has been my primary focus since receiving my MBA specializing in personal finance and subsequently starting FFPS.

I retired from the Navy after twenty-one years as a Naval Flight Officer. During my Navy career, I traveled the Pacific, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Red Sea and Arabian Sea. I was fortunate enough to command an aviation squadron while deployed on board the USS Eisenhower (CVN 69).

Upon completing my Navy career, I was unsure what I wanted to do. I had no plan. So, I took a job as a contractor employee supporting the Navy in the Pentagon. From there, I started my own consulting company and eventually merged with another consulting company which is still active today supporting the defense industry.

Why become a financial planner? Everyone’s military career ends at some point and often when children are nearing their college years. Just like you, I faced the same issues—with seven children. My parents were also starting to age and would eventually require care. These two issues alone caused me great concern because I had no plan! This is when I realized that better planning would mitigate some of these issues. The capstone moment for me is when my daughter was severely injured while serving in the Army. As a 100% disabled veteran, I worked with the Veterans Administration in getting all the assistance she needed to get her life back on track. This experience helped me realize even more the need for a financial plan and the need to understand the full range of veteran benefits.

My passion: serving you the best I can with empathy.

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